Security Related Links - For all of the latest tools, advisories, and exploits - Most of the info Iíve learned about ICMP came from articles from this site! All you wanted to know/learn about ICMP packets can be found here. - Languard Network Scanner 1.1, what got me interested again in security. - IDS - News for nerds site as they put it


Other - MAC Address Vendor Code List - what Satori uses when I can keep it up to date - NAC solution that uses DHCP fingerprinting and guys I've worked a bit with - DHCP fingerprinting site that Dave put up and we are working on filling up with all our DHCP fingerprints! - Local Lawn Care company that I told I'd put a link on my website for. If you happen to be in the Boise Idaho area and need lawn care, give them a call!


Recommended Books - Counterhack Reloaded. Covers a lot a great material - Gray Hat Hacking: The Ethical Hacker's Handbook. 2nd Edition. One of the authors is someone I've known since childhood. Some of it made a lot more sense after my latest SANS course! - Silence on the Wire: A field guide to Passive Reconnaissance and Indirect Attacks. Parts of it I really liked, parts were outside of my scope of care. - The DHCP Handbook. 2nd Edition by Ralph Droms. Got some good info out of this for my DHCP Paper. - Stealing the Network: ... Multiple books in the series. Expensive for a "novel", but a good read IMHO. 4 Books in all right now I believe. - Anti-Hacker Toolkit. 3rd Edition. First Edition was great compared to a lot of the other books like this, not sure if they've kept that up though.